Send in the parentroopers, it’s a Won’t Back Down review



I have never been so infuriated and so bored at the same time.


My favorite part of The Dark Knight was when Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character died. No such luck with this movie.

I actually took points off because there was nothing original about any of the characters in this film, and some of them were downright annoying.


Every surface and character in this movie looked like it could benefit from a bucket of bleach and a sponge.

Product Placement

If I counted sports teams, I’d take off for the Steelers logos everywhere. I am, however, taking one point off for the out-of-nowhere “Do you guys want a Snickers?” line, when “Do you guys want some chocolate?” would have worked just as well.


This movie had no business being made lasting two full hours. I’m pretty sure it failed in theaters because it does not have a clear target audience.

You’d think if a movie changed titles four times during production that someone along the way would think, “Hey guys, maybe this movie isn’t such a good idea after all.”

2 comments on “Send in the parentroopers, it’s a Won’t Back Down review

  1. Utterly hilarious review and so true! That’s two hours I can never have back. Hmpht = disgruntled noise, in complete agreement with you.

    • Haha thanks. I was a bit more snarky with this review than usual, but this turkey of a movie deserved it!

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