What will the end of this The Truman Show review be?

The Truman Show review


This movie is an interesting concept, but it requires a level of “suspension of disbelief” that I’m just not capable of.


Most of the suspension of disbelief problems come when I start thinking too hard about the supporting cast members on The Truman Show. They’re all real actors, pretending to be actors in this movie, pretending to be real people on the show. A little too meta for me to connect with them.

Plus, their lives are just as much a prison as Truman’s. Once the show ends, they’ll need just as much therapy as he would.


I really liked that they set the cameras up to seem like actual hidden cameras…for the most part, anyway.

Product Placement

Josie and the Pussycats tried to do it. Fight Club tried to do it. THIS is how you parody product placement without being guilty of it in your own film.

Fake products is the key.


I spent most of this movie trying to remember who I watched it with the first time. I still can’t remember, but watching it with them again might be the only way I’ll return for a third viewing.

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13 comments on “What will the end of this The Truman Show review be?

  1. “it requires a level of “suspension of disbelief” that I’m just not capable of” Exactly.
    Also, I may be alone here, but I have always thought Jim Carey was a very shallow actor. He has one dimension (fire marshall bill) and a funny face and that’s it. For me, his interpretation of the lead was one of the biggest weakening factors- Truman clowned his way through the isolation and irrational fear but never really displayed any psychological backlash.

  2. well for them it’d be like a reality show… think about those people we watch who let someone follow them around with a camera… and the product placement thing cracked me up when he was like “who are you talking too?” lol…

  3. Such a great movie. But what makes it even better is just by how amazing Carrey is in the lead role, showing us that maybe he was more than just a bunch of goofy voices and expressions. Good review.

  4. Truman Show: Fiction…or Fact?
    I’ve moved and gone back to places I’ve frequented–only to find the placed staffed by totally different people. Speaking of such, I’ve noticed that the “regulars” that were here have–all changed! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!

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