Don’t shrug off this Warm Bodies review



Did the main zombie character only fall in love with the main human character only because he ate her boyfriend’s brains and gained his memories as a result? If so, that’s kind of cheap. If not, they should have been more clear about it.

I do know that Stockholm Syndrome is probably to blame for her falling in love with him.


I’m not sure if Nicholas Hoult did a great job, or if a taxidermied rabbit could out-act Teresa Palmer.

And you guys say Kristen Stewart can’t act. Sheesh.


The Skeletons or Bonies (Bronies?) or whatever they were called did not blend well with the scenes.

Product Placement

Extremely light sprinklings of products throughout don’t warrant point reductions.


Zombie movies just aren’t my thing. That’s probably why this is the first one I’ve done for TIWAM.


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12 comments on “Don’t shrug off this Warm Bodies review

  1. I was actually considering reading this book… because although zombies freak me the hell out and give me nightmares… I’ve very wisely decided to write a book about them… and I figured one where a zombie falls in love can’t be too creepily scary… but then again… it’s still zombies…

    • I think it might be more of a social commentary than a zombie story, anyway.

      I, too, dislike zombies though. I’m surprised I watched this one.

      • for the sake of your craft… the same way you watched Sex and the City… at least that’s what you said… I’m about to force myself to watch John Carter… just so I can properly tear to shreds for ruining the amazing writing of Edgar Rice Burroughs… something I believe Hollywood just takes pleasure in…

      • omg you liked John Carter… read the book… which by the way is a Princess of Mars… the first in the Martian series… really just read anything by Edgar Rice Burroughs… the greatest writer there ever was… he’s my hero…

        • Saki is my literary hero. Also the local library has exactly 0 of the John Carter books

          • yeah they’re mostly out of print… though if you have an ereader there’s a collection of burroughs works for like a few bucks… but he may not be your style… but his works are so amazing and ahead of his time… it just makes me mad that they have yet to do a decent movie… and though I haven’t seen the movie… from what i saw of previews and clips… John Carter looks like another let down…

          • I’ve always enjoyed good science fiction.

          • well I’d have to say he’s one of the best I’ve ever read… though oddly enough my favorite book by him is the Mad King… which isn’t scifi… though it is a guy overthrowing a evil monarchy on his holiday… good times… good times…

          • Story of my life

  2. Good review. :-) I actually REALLY liked this one, though, and I don’t know why. It was a pleasant surprise. I DO love zombie movies, though. 😉

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