I’m sorry! Here’s a Wanted review


I started holding tiny impromptu contests on Twitter. You should follow me there! Maybe you’ll win something. My good pal Bubbawheat of Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights won the first one, so he got to pick today’s review…and it’s a good one!

In other news, check out the brighter new scorecards!


It’s rare to find a movie that’s both sarcastic and intense all the way through like this.


I haven’t seen James McAvoy in many movies yet, but he doesn’t even seem like the same actor here. I didn’t realize he was capable of these things.

Even Angelina Jolie was good in this one.


There were some crazy visuals going on here that added to the intensity mentioned above.

Product Placement

A few early scenes took place in a real store (and the real parking lot outside the store), so a few things showed up.


Certain revelations in the plot would probably reduce the amount of times this could be rewatched before it wouldn’t be quite as fun anymore.


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17 comments on “I’m sorry! Here’s a Wanted review

  1. Mark Millar came up with the original (comic) version of this. He’s also the guy behind Kick-Ass, and has some other awesome comics hitting the big screen sooner or later (Secret Service, another Kick-Ass and I think Nemesis.)

    • I didn’t know it was based on anything. I didn’t research this one much.

      • This bears VERY little resemblance to the comic it’s based off of. You’re fine not reading it, especially if you liked the movie. I didn’t hate it myself, despite having Jolie in it. In some ways I prefer it to the comics, but really they are very different animals.

  2. I also love this movie. I’ve actually watched it more than once just for the action sequences and as you said it, the “crazy visuals”.

    • I could definitely watch it again…it would just get a little less fun with each viewing though.

  3. Nice post. People throw this one a lot of hate but I love it!

  4. Glad to see you finally get around to watching it and just as glad that you enjoyed it. I’ve only seen it once so I can’t speak for the rewatchability though I can certainly see the wow factor being greatly recuced. And as an earlier commenter mentioned, I knew it was based on a comic book which was why I reviewed it in the first place, though I didn’t know much more about it than that.

  5. How can anyone hate it? Let me count the ways!

    This is the one with the curving bullets, right? You’d better have a bottle of good vodka if you want me to watch this movie again.

    • Thanks for answering my rhetorical question :)

      Not everyone loves the same movies, which is what makes them fun

  6. I pretty much love James McAvoy in anything ever since Atonement…

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