This Underworld: Awakening review is as cold as one already dead

Underworld: Awakening review


This is the “X-Men 3 meets Ultraviolet” of the Underworld series. By the time I caught up with all the madness going on, the movie was over.


While it’s good to see Kate Beckinsale back in the series, the new male lead was definitely not an improvement over the other guy.


Awww, come on. You’re taking Blu-ray too literally, movie. Why not try some other colors for a change? Other than that, those Lycans get doofier and doofier looking with each new installment.

Product Placement

At least there’s still none of this going on, eh?


I should have seen this coming. I loved the first one, thought the second one was pretty good, was willing to forgive the third, but this…this just ruined everything.

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6 comments on “This Underworld: Awakening review is as cold as one already dead

  1. Your rating is too kind, but your rewatchability comment is spot on.

  2. this movie made me so mad… I mean it was rather short and just had to leave it all unfinished still… I mean her boyfriend just has to come too at the end and wander off so they have to go searching for him too… ridiculous…

  3. Cool review yo, seems about right with all the other reviews I saw for the film when it came out. I’ve never given the Underworld series a chance, dunno why, I just never was interested in the content it was showing in the trailers.

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