Tuck and roll into this Turbo review


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Any ridiculous plot elements are covered by the fact that you have to check logic at the door when dealing with a movie about a snail with superpowers.


The other racing snails weren’t given much to do, and the humans were a bit on the boring side.


This is one of the nicest looking 3D films I’ve seen, and if I could recommend this movie for just one thing, I’d pick the visuals.

Product Placement

They were doing so good with the fake energy drink, and the fake taco restaurant…I was willing to let the Indy 500 slide, until they actually got to the race and there was wall to wall product placement. Given the advertising tendencies of racing, I was going to let that slide as well, but every company represented as a car sponsor was also used elsewhere in the film. Examples: The kid who videoed the snail was using a Verizon phone, all the tires were Firestone, the announcers’ computers were HP, and so on. I’m being extra harsh here because, like I’ve said before, everything that shows up in an animated movie shows up there on purpose.


If I was listing all the Dreamworks movies in order of how much I liked them, this one would be somewhere between Kung Fu Panda and The Croods. Despite the deceptively mediocre score, I really enjoyed this movie quite a bit.


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4 comments on “Tuck and roll into this Turbo review

  1. Ok sounds like I should see this one. I like the actors that are doing the voice acting. That should make it interesting enough.

  2. Nice review. I saw an extended sneak preview a few months ago and quite liked what I saw.

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