Allow me to pitch this Trouble with the Curve review



Gran Torino + Moneyball = bleh this movie.


If it wasn’t for my status as president of the Amy Adams Appreciators of America (AAAA for short), I’d have given this a 1 here.

These films seem to be Clint Eastwood’s weird way of dealing with his personal fears about growing old and obsolete, and aside from careers, his characters in them are pretty indistinguishable.


Not as dark as the other two Clint Eastwood movies I’ve reviewed so far. I’ll give it that.

Product Placement

Since I’m from “The Carolinas” as this film loved to call them, I noticed the Sun Drop billboard and the Mellow Mushroom pizza box. (A little Cheerwine and Hardee’s and we’d have had the whole set!)

Those were probably just used to add “local southeastern US flavor”, so I’ll be “lenient” and only take one point off, since there’s quite a bit throughout the film, and I’m “contractually obligated” to acknowledge it.

Yes, there are a lot of quotation marks in this section.


This film had a much lighter tone than Gran Torino or Million Dollar Baby, but I still wasn’t that interested.

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  1. Good review. Everybody’s good, but the story was nothing worth recommending one bit. It’s a pleasant enough time, but could have been a whole lot better.

  2. I saw this just last night and rather liked it. Sure I found it predicable but it was charming in several places. Plus I’m also a member of AAAA and Mancrush on Clint Eastwood Anonymous. Or maybe I’m just getting old and can identify with Eastwood a lot.

  3. I’ll see your AAAA and raise you a RFJTFC (Respect For Justin Timberlake Fan Club). And as someone who watched Dirty Harry every day for a whole year, you’d think this was right in my wheelhouse. But yeah, so boring. It’s like it refused to end.

    Totally irrelevant to the topic at hand, Django Unchained was pretty durn good.

  4. Trouble with the Curve was basically a Lifetime Movie with good actors, most of whom were phoning it in. Adams proves her genius by making the best out of an abysmal situation. Eastwood, who I enjoy as a director, should’ve stayed retired from acting.

    By the way, I’d really recommend Unforgiven, Letters from Iwo Jima, and A Perfect World as examples of Eastwood at his best in directing.

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