Bring the Trance review to me

Trance review

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This movie wanted really badly to be the new Inception, but they ended up piling on so many layers that I think even the filmmakers forgot what the story was supposed to be.


A general enjoyment of the actors vs. their characters in a particular movie sometimes makes this section difficult to score.

I’m going down the middle with this one. They did good jobs, but the movie didn’t allow me to connect with any of them because it kept lying to me.


They did some crazy things with the visuals. I’ll leave it at that.

Product Placement

Delancy’s isn’t a real auction house…according to the Internet, anyway. A little too much iPad in this for me to ignore, though.


A movie like this can cause one of two types of confusion. You either get intrigued and try to figure out what happened long after the movie ends, or you get angry while the film is still going on and wish it would just start making sense.

I got so frustrated and bored with this one that I was glad when it ended.


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6 comments on “Bring the Trance review to me

  1. You are one step closer to your FB page goal.

  2. Great review. Not perfect, but still a bunch of fun with twists and turns that come out of nowhere.

  3. Really? I watched Trance just last night and I rather enjoyed it. But I’ll admit I’m a bit of a Danny Boyle fanboy. He always tries to do something different with his films with more hits than misses.

    I liked your new facebook page btw. You’re one closer to your goal.

    • Yeah I noticed his list of films are all radically different. This is the first of his I’ve actually seen so far, though.

      Hypnotism is interesting, the concept was cool, and it didn’t make me want to avoid his other films, but I just didn’t like this one.

      Also, thanks! As of right now, 6 more to go!

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