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Tonight You’re Mine but I won’t claim it


NOTE: This film is also known as You Instead.


Three reasons why I hated this film:

1. This incredibly weak premise of this film has been used in almost every sitcom ever made. The difference being that in the sitcoms, you care about the characters.

2. This is almost a found footage film. Mostly because it’s as boring as watching the home videos of someone you don’t know.

3. Any film that lasts less than an hour and a half but has to be padded out with numerous musical interludes probably shouldn’t have been made in the first place.


I didn’t know these characters when the film started, I didn’t know them when it finished, and nothing in between made me regret that.


Shaky cam, badly lit scenes, and found footage… ? These are a few of my least favorite things. ?

Product Placement

Amazingly, in a film made at a real event, there was nothing to talk about here.


I didn’t want to see this to begin with.

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