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Please return to your lady friend, it’s a The Way Way Back review

The Way Way Back review


Nothing in this movie is a direct representation of anything that happened in my teenage years, but yet it was (almost uncomfortably) reflective of my teenage years.


Even though I love every Sam Rockwell movie I’ve ever seen, this is one of his most fun roles. As for Steve Carrell, it was nice to see him in a more subdued role for a change.

The fact that I gave a movie starring Maya Rudolph a 3 for Characters should be a testament to how much I really did enjoy this one.


They threw in some interesting water slide shots.

Visuals…800+ reviews later, still the most difficult section to write about.

Product Placement

I don’t count board games, so Candy Land gets a free pass.


I loved it. I really did. It’s just going to take a lot of effort for me to face this mirror of a movie again anytime soon.

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