But I don’t wanna give my The Three Stooges review a clever title…


I was torn on the score for this one, because I could tell that the people who made this film had nothing but love for the original Stooges, but then again, there wasn’t much of a plot here to judge.

I will admit there were a few funny gags here and there, though…especially the salmon farm bit.


I pretty much have to give a 3 here. The three main actors (and even the kids that played their younger versions) all did amazing imitations of the originals, which in this case is a great thing.

As for Sofia Vergara, I would make a “What are you doing here?” comment, but she was already in The Smurfs, so apparently she’ll do anything for a paycheck.


I have to admit, I did like those title cards and circle wipes.

Product Placement

Several products used as punchlines throughout, but using Jersey Shore as major plot point is just ridiculous…mostly because nothing dates a movie like forced, current pop culture references.


I’ve always preferred the comedy stylings of the Marx Brothers** over the Three Stooges, so there’s pretty much no reason to ever return to this.

**Let’s hope they never EVER give the Marx Brothers the same “updated” treatment. Mostly because they’d probably leave Zeppo out, and that’s just not fair.

39 comments on “But I don’t wanna give my The Three Stooges review a clever title…

  1. How about, “Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk: This Was a Terrible Movie.” :|

  2. I did think the movie was funny, though most of it was just repeats of the old jokes the original STooges did. Still, the three main actors did pretty well, and I enjoyed it, though it’s not a good film. I’d probably give it a 2 out of 3 as well. Nice review.

  3. This movie was pretty rough. I actually went back to my review, hoping I had given it an F. I didnt. I gave it a D. I wish I could change it now. LOL

  4. Sofia Vergara will do ANYTHING for a paycheck? I need to give her a call…

  5. Watched this movie last night! It was OK. It was a bit…eh… And I thought the very end was wierd with the two guys talking bout the rubber hammers and such, and one was shirtless… But I really liked some of the gags :)

  6. What I like about your reviews is that I can get an idea of what the film is like without any major spoilers. Of course, with a movie this bad, what’s there to spoil?

  7. I didn’t understand the point of Sofia and Jersey shore either, that was…stupid, to put it nicely. I’d probably watch this movie…like after 5 years b/c some of the bits are copied from the original so I’d rather just watch the originals, you can’t beat ‘em. It’s like the original The Munsters deal.

  8. I was thinking of seeing this film. One of my friends told me that her great grandfather was Larry. I think it’s pretty cool that she’s actually related to one of the Three Stooges.

  9. Aww…looks like I’m the only one who liked this movie. Sure, it isn’t some Oscar-worthy film destined to be considered one of the best comedies of all time, but I found it to be a lot of fun. The Jersey Shore thing didn’t bother me when I saw the movie (and their presence actually worked in context), but that’s an incredibly good point that it will automatically date the movie.

  10. Well, honestly, there wasn’t much of a plot in the old black and white tv episodes of teh Stooges either. So I suppose you could cut them a bit of slack on that — but then why make a movie about it?

  11. I //wanted// to watch it since it played during my flight to Hawaii… but the clouds looked more interesting.

    Maybe a rental in the future! (If I really, really feel like watching slapstick–which is rare.)

  12. This one was pretty bad, but it wasn’t as excruciating as I was expecting it to be. All 3 work well as The Stooges and The Farrelly’s seem like they have enough love for this material that they weren’t going to get it lost in translation, but it didn’t work quite as well as I would have hoped. Good review.

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