Watch out for HKs, it’s a The Terminator review


Does this movie title have “The” in it? I keep seeing it both ways.


Any movie that’s this old and I’ve seen before that can still keep me on the edge of my seat is worth a 3 here.


Sarah Connor has been one of my favorite movie characters for quite a while.

I love the way they constantly talk about John Connor but never show him. It keeps him mysterious.


Hooray for practical effects! Who cares if they’re almost 30 years old?

Product Placement

Not enough to even mention.


Even though I enjoy it, the more I see it, the campier it seems to get.


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23 comments on “Watch out for HKs, it’s a The Terminator review

  1. there is no ‘the’… but i really don’t like this one… mainly cause for some reason I find it scarier than the rest of them… though that part where he takes out his eye and all of a sudden his face is like claymation is pretty awesome…

  2. I agree it does get campier after each time you watch it. I love this movie!!! I thought Reese was so cute back int he day. :)

    • Haha yeah campiness isn’t always and thing, but after watching it this time, I thought “Okay, three or four times is enough for this one.”

  3. I’ll be back…with a car. That’s how you ruin one liners 😀

    • “I’ll be back…don’t go anywhere.”

      “I’ll be back…and when I am, I want that door unlocked, mister. Do you hear me?”

  4. Great review. “Any movie that’s this old and I’ve seen before that can still keep me on the edge of my seat is worth a 3 here” Totally agree

  5. It’s good because it’s old. CGI-free and has the best special effects for a low-budget movie.

  6. This film was almost its own new genre when it came out. I still am fond of the sequels (in decreasing amounts, admittedly) but this one has a rough charm that none of them can match.

  7. Good review yo, I still have a lot of love for this film. The terminator in this film was right scary and still is, the special effects used are still look amazing. As much as I like this film I have found that I don’t quite love it like its sequel.

  8. Hooray for practical effects indeed….but I can’t entirely agree about how well they hold up. They are okay, especially at home, but I just saw this on the (big screen last December I think) and in the theatre, they don’t hold up nearly as well. The future scenes keep falling in and out of scale. there are too many moments you are aware you are looking at a four foot model. The eye scene is really bad. But this is all stuff I’ve never noticed on my TV at home, so the effects do hold up better for the home video market. Still the best of the series – and really, never should have been made into a franchise.

    • I’ll take terrible pea crucial effects over terrible CGI any day. Plus I gave the benefit of the doubt, seeing as its older now.

  9. Nice review. I’ve been thinking of rewatching this one for quite a while but, as you mentioned, I’m afraid it’d get campy with repeated viewings. I guess that’s James Cameron, but I still consider him a personal favorite.

    Also, to answer your pondering (if you needed it), this is The Terminator, but most people colloquially refer to it as Terminator, simply because all three sequels (each which introduced more people to the original than the original itself did) dropped the “The”.

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