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This The Smurfs 2 review is making my butt scrunch

The Smurfs 2 review


You know what? They actually based the story loosely on something from real Smurf continuity, so, while it was quite stupid, they did at least try this time.


As if the Smurfs weren’t all “one note” as it is, they decided to make one of the “one note-iest” of them all (Vanity Smurf) a main character this time around.


I still have to admit that Azrael is the best CGI cat ever made. As for the other CGI characters, the Smurfs (and the duck) blended better with the real world than they did the first time around.

Product Placement

Any movie that contains the line “Buy a Prius!” deserves a 1 here. Plus there was plenty of other stuff to take off for, too.


Admittedly, this is what a Smurfs movie should be…Not that a Smurfs movie should be, if you get my drift.

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