See what everyone’s raving about with a The Matrix: Reloaded review


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I see now where The Adjustment Bureau got some of its ideas from.

This one didn’t quite make as much sense as the first one did, and they padded it with things like the…dance party scene.


What is with those weird twins? Anyway, they pretty much replaced most of the people they killed off in the first one with less interesting copies here.


They intensified the “everything’s green inside the Matrix” filters, but you can still see everything that’s going on.

It’s pretty easy to tell that most of the big Neo vs. Smith battle in the middle of the movie is done using CGI characters, but I’m attributing that to the age of the film.

Product Placement

Nothing that I remember, but then again, I miss things sometimes.


Even though it’s not as good as the first one, it’s still watchable.


16 comments on “See what everyone’s raving about with a The Matrix: Reloaded review

  1. Yeah, that rave scene was …. bad.

  2. I haven’t seen this film in a few years, I remember that it’s not too bad and there was some nice action scenes. But I totally agree that the story was just confusing at points. I saw this film years after everyone else had slated it and I think its not that bad. Cool review yo.

  3. The big Agent Smith fight scene doesn’t just look bad because of the age, I’m pretty sure it looked bad back then too. They tried to do more than current technology allowed at the time.

    • Oh yeah I hadn’t thought of that. It was probably more impressive back then though. And, for the record, using phrases like “back then” does make me feel old.

  4. You know, I can’t remember anything from this movie! Its not as good as the first one (I remember that one) and its not as ridiculous as the last one (which I remember because I made fun of it with my friend through the whole movie)…this one is just there and I’m just indifferent.
    Awesome review :)

  5. I really like this movie. I love the fight scenes and the whole Highway section too. The story is a bit random but iits a good continuation of the first movie. Thirds not great though!

  6. I think they put the dance scene in this second Matrix movie to make it as much like the first one as possible – it appears at almost the same place in the movie, too. and early in the third one- shocker- a scene in a club

  7. This movie really is nothing but padding. You know how everyone complains about Man of Steel being non-stop action? Reloaded did it first. The big Neo vs. Smith scene was the first time I can ever remember feeling bored during a fight scene. I think it was about the time Neo was holding on to the pipe and running in a circle around the smiths….I realize it was supposed to be awe inspiring, but it just came off as dumb.

    This sequel had really huge expectations to live up to though. I understand that. Still, you can’t just up the FX factor and try to be even more psudeo intellectual and expect that to carry the film.

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