No bacon for you. This The Island review is all you get



They basically took Parts: The Clonus Horror and updated it, removing some of the story problems, but adding new ones.


Sadly, no Peter Graves in this version. Steve Buscemi was definitely the standout character here.


The special effects are admittedly great.

Product Placement

Product placement was a constant, yet quiet, presence throughout the entire film.


I wouldn’t mind seeing this again, but I still prefer the original.

10 comments on “No bacon for you. This The Island review is all you get

  1. I have a soft spot for Ewan McGregor, but I see why you prefer the original movie. Nice review!

  2. Never heard of Clonus before, but I’ve scanned the plot details in Wikipedia and yep, The Island is definitely (wait for it) a clone.
    It’s also one of my guilty pleasures. I watch it a couple of times a year because, well, Scarlett. And the fun technology. And Scarlett. And “My name is Lincoln!” And Scarlett.

  3. I like this movie and own it. while several moviebloggers hated it, I like it. I like to think as Michael Clarke Duncan as being the standout performance in this one.

    plus, Scarlett my wife looks great in The Island! (when doesn’t she?) ha :D

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