My lad, that was a The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug review


I’ve seen all three Lord of the Rings movies multiple times. I’ve seen the first Hobbit movie. However, I had an incredibly hard time trying to make sense of what was going on in this one most of the time, partly due to the majority of the dialog sounding like a recitation of Dungeons & Dragons fan fiction.**

Plus, it’s the middle movie of the series, and you know how much those bother me plotwise.

**This is the first Tolkien-based movie I’ve had this problem with.


I’m no Benedict Cumberbatch fan by any means…he kind of creeps me out. But, I have to admit he was a really good choice for the voice of Smaug. It was a perfect fit. Speaking of perfect fits, Martin Freeman still does a great job here, too, but there were just too many other characters that weren’t properly introduced, weren’t given enough to do, or felt shoehorned in.


The CGI seemed a little better this time around when it came to things like Smaug and the orcs.

Product Placement

Obviously none of that going on here.


Although I’ve still only seen it once, the first Hobbit movie grew on me in the weeks after I reviewed it. I’m hoping to enjoy the third film as well, because it will have actual plot resolution (something this one lacked). Therefore, I’m being lenient in this section because, if I decide to watch the whole set in the future, this one will be required viewing.

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9 comments on “My lad, that was a The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review

  1. well I’m going to see this movie today… though I don’t know what I’ll think considering I’m not exactly a fan of these movies… I just keep getting dragged to them…

  2. Yeah, this is better than the first, but not by much. Hopefully Jackson can at least bring back some of his old magic from the original LOTR trilogy, into the next, and hopefully final, installment. Good review.

  3. I always thought stretching a 200 page book that’s basically, “Bilbo didn’t want to go with the dwarves, Bilbo went with the dwarves. He found the ring. They fought a Dragon, they fought another battle, Bilbo went home and wrote it all down,” into 3 movies was a terrible idea.

    But I liked the first and I’ll probably like this one because I love Tolkien and I think Jackson does a decent job adapting his work.

  4. The first Hobbit movie was padded up like a twenty pound weakling in a sumo suit. I won’t be going to any more.
    Peter Jackson was pressured into another trilogy by New Line Cinemas, principally because the studio was in financial difficulties. They thought three movies would deliver three times the return of one. As far as my wallet – and my backside – is concerned, they were wrong.
    For all of Jackson’s talk about the ‘richness of the story’ the aspect of the first Hobbitflick that I remember most is a chase scene that dragged on way beyond the point where it was entertaining.
    The book was a satisfying snack. The filmmakers are trying to turn it into a three course meal.

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