Grab some cranberry juice, it’s a The Departed review

The Departed review


Sure, it was good, but they could have easily pulled this story off in an hour and a half.


Vera Farmiga? It’s been way too long since she’s made an appearance in a movie here at TIWAM.

Yes, that’s all I’m going to write here. Thanks for asking!


Of course, I’m still not a fan of watching people get their brains and blood splattered about, but that’s not what this section is for.

Product Placement

For the sake of consistency, there’s enough to take a point off for.


Even though it was good, and I can definitely see why so many other people love it, I probably won’t watch this again. It was a little too long and a little too violent for me.

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6 comments on “Grab some cranberry juice, it’s a The Departed review

  1. yeah everyone talks about how awesome it is… and it is cool in it’s way… definitely went for the ‘real’ spin… no happily ever after here… though I did love it when Mark Wahlberg gave the guy what was coming to him at the end…

  2. Not Scorsese’s best, but still always fun no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Quotable as hell, too:
    “How’s you mother?”
    “Good, tired from fuckin’ my father.”

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