Okay, FINE. I reviewed The Avengers for reals this time



When I saw this the first time, it was in a crowded theater, with everyone (else) laughing at all the “jokes.” It wasn’t until I saw it the second time, in a pretty-much-empty theater (with no one laughing), that I realized how many obnoxious pauses for laughter (disguised as cutaway reaction shots) there were in this.

I have to admit, the story made more (or I should say, “some”) sense to me the third time I saw this, but I still disliked several big things (I’ll spare you my list of little things):

1. The “rinse and repeat” style battle at the end.

2. The Avengers fighting with each other more than they fought the bad guys.

3. The pauses for laughter mentioned above.


There’s admittedly nothing wrong with any of the characters, and Mark Ruffalo is a better Bruce Banner than Edward Norton. I still love Edward Norton’s take on the character, too, though.


Way too much CGI and explosions for me. I understand that’s the type of movie it is, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Product Placement

There’s so little here that I’m actually proud of them for keeping it to a minimum.


As I mentioned earlier, this was a little better the third time, but honestly, three times is too many. The first time, I had high hopes. The second time, I knew what I was in for and went because my friend wanted to see it. The third time was a boring chore.

I really hope I never have to see this again.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You have have HAVE to understand how Whedon ticks in order to enjoy this film. I’ve been a huge fan of his for so many years. The part about them fighting each other as much as the bad guys was hilarious, and clearly Whedon humor. The Hulk and Thor also fight each other a LOT in the comics. Whedon did an awesome job at once again showcasing his talents as a writer and director in this movie.

  2. I’ve seen the movie 4 times and still love it. I do understand your issues with it, though.

  3. Interesting. Nice to see an original opinion about the movie. I loved it, I thought it perfectly captured the Marvel vibe from the 70s and early 80s, when the teams were all about interpersonal drama. Still, thanks for a different take.

  4. Like some other comments said, you have to understand Whedon’s particular sense of humor and style to really enjoy this movie. Being a big fan of his work, I loved everything about this movie. I saw it three times in the theater, twice when it was nearly empty, and it was still great. I do appreciate your thoughts, and can understand where you’re coming from. I just really, really love superhero movies and think The Avengers couldn’t have been much better.

  5. Okay I have to say this, Didn’t you get Spice World a higher rating?

  6. My simple review: a three act superhero action flick that was very well done without much substance.

  7. I found this movie extremely overrated. As you mentioned, the pauses for humor (my theater burst out laughing and was a complete distraction) was annoying. I liked it, but I certainly won’t be watching it again.

  8. After seeing it now more than half a dozen times thanks to my kids, its beginning to wane. But I am still highly anticipating Iron Man 3. Is that weird? :)

  9. I think you did a typo…I think you meant to say 3.0…haha :P ;)

  10. I didn’t think it was bad. It was exactly what it was advertised as….It’s a mindless action film – not that there’s anything wrong with that.I don’t object to the movie being a check-your-brain-at-the-door action flick. I object to people saying it’s the greatest film ever. My friend Jim mentioned that it ruined him for all other movies! That’s a GREAT line, but this film doesn’t deserve that kind of praise.

    I think I get it. You see, this is the kind of film that most of us have waited our entire lives for. I’m not just taking about pop culture junkies or comic book fanboys either. Anyone who went to see Superman in the theater and then came home and watched Wonder Woman and Batman on TV and wondered “Why can’t they put all of these guys in the same movie?”(and seriously, was there anyone who’s under forty right now that DIDN’T do that?)…this is the film you’ve been waiting your entire life for (possibly without even knowing it). Even if you grew up and haven’t thought about superheros in twenty or thirty years, a part of you remembers. That part of you is affected and we reacts on a visceral level.

    It’s a fun movie and it pays off the other marvel movies….it keeps it’s promise, but it’s still really all just spectical.

    • Very good points! As you said, it’s exactly what it was advertised as, and I do realize that a lot of work went into making it happen, but those things don’t mean I personally have to like it.

      After all, these reviews are just my opinions, and probably aren’t worth the pixels they were typed on.

  11. As a fan of the comics for many years, I can see where you’re coming from. Something about this movie just didn’t QUITE click right. But, I on the other hand didn’t mind all the hero-on-hero violence. I think it really satisfied the childhood arguments about “Who would win, Iron Man or Thor? Hulk or a pack of Chitarri?” But, I do agree with you about the action scene at the end. Did you see it in 2D or 3D? In my opinion, after seeing it both ways, the 3D ending really improved it. Thanks for your insightful commentary!

  12. Looks like I still have 2 more times to watch. Completely agree with the pauses for laughs (though admittedly I was laughing at most of them at the midnight showing I went to).

  13. I didn’t see this movie in the movie theaters when it came out. When I did finally see it on DVD, I fell asleep in the middle of it. Maybe I had a long day, but when I woke up, it was almost over! Loki was one of my favorite characters and I was secretly rooting for him only because he was pretty funny and evil. RDJ was funny with his sarcasm (and he’s one of my all time favorite actors) and J.R. was just pure eye candy for me. I’ll have to agree with your score on this one. ;)

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  15. I don’t know if our friendship can survive this… all this time I thought well he has some quirky opinions… but this… this may be too much… dude… first of all… if you don’t like CGI you shouldn’t even see these movies… and how else are they supposed to you know show aliens coming out of a worm hole? or people controlling lightning? or any of it? sadly none of that stuff exist in real life… and of course they’re fighting… as you can see in all the movies leading up to this one they’ve been top dog in their own show and now having to depend on someone else may feel a bit laughable especially considering the insanely different backgrounds they come from… but to have so many different characters and to weave them all into this movie was done surprisingly well and they were a likeable… especially Captain America cause he’s adorable… and you know half of Downey’s lines are just him doing his thing… and all the snacks he’s eating were actually his snacks he hid on set and the crew couldn’t ever find to stop him… so they just let it be… and I don’t know what weird pauses you’re talking about because everything seemed to keep happening so fast there wasn’t much pauses going on… but I just have to say this review has saddened me greatly… I fear for your soul… there’s obviously something very dark going on in there…

    • 1. Just because I’m a big supporter of practical effects doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy occasional CGI.
      2. The fighting amongst themselves made them come across as whiny jerks, and was 100% fanservice.
      3. Snacks? What? I gave them a free pass on product placement.
      4. Watch it again. Every time someone makes a “witty” remark, they cut away to a silent reaction shot of one of the other characters, which allows time for the audience to laugh without missing anything.
      5. My soul is not dependent on my enjoyment of movies.

      • I wasn’t referencing product placement with the snacks… I was just talking about about how awesome Downey is and how he just makes everything better… and is it bad for them to give you time to laugh? that sounds considerate considering I was cracking up almost the whole time… that was when I wasn’t in awe of it’s greatness… and your soul is affected by all that you do… and not enjoying good movies is probably killing it right now… just sayin…

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