Turn the radio on, it’s a The Astronaut’s Wife review



Halfway through the film, I suddenly realized a quote on the front of the DVD case spoiled the main plot point.

This story never went anywhere and the exact motives of the “antagonist” were never fully explained.


It was nice seeing Johnny Depp in a movie that didn’t involve Tim Burton, but the main character’s sister was the dumbest character I’ve seen in a while, what with the “I trust my sister’s husband more than I trust my sister” attitude and all.


I will admit they did some interesting things with the camera…except for a few times, like that spinny part at the…baby…items…store.

Product Placement

Yes, I saw the Reddi-Whip. Give me a break, you guys. Sheesh!


No film should make the suicide of one of its characters look like a preferable alternative to watching the rest of it.

4 comments on “Turn the radio on, it’s a The Astronaut’s Wife review

  1. it’s sad when even good actors like Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron can’t save a film…

  2. Pretty sure, if I had’ve ranked the movies I saw in ’99… this would have landed at the very bottom.

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