Go to sleep, Cindy. It’s a The 6th Day review

The 6th Day review


This movie has an interesting take on the whole cloning thing. I didn’t get the point of the “smoking is illegal” subplot, but overall, it was as good as this sort of movie is supposed to be.


It’s somewhat hard to find the bad guys menacing if they keep “respawning” (for lack of a better term). Arnold always does his best in sci-fi based movies like this, though.


That SimPal was incredibly creepy, but it was great, though. A bit of bad editing during the school play showed a woman sitting down twice, but that’s way too petty to take points off for.

Product Placement

Haha, XFL. Clearly this film is showing an alternate timeline’s future.


I remember watching part of this in college, but I can’t remember what class it was or why we only watched certain parts.

I’ve obviously seen a lot of movies since then, so I know there are better ones out there.

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  1. I thought this movie was pretty cool… and interesting… and rather a good argument against cloning… though maybe that’s because the idea really just weirds me out…

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