A little Thank You for Smoking review for the missus?


Today’s post title from one of the deleted scenes…because I know you were wondering.


It’s been several years since I read the book, and I still remember several things they left out or changed, but that always happens during the book-to-movie transition.


If it wasn’t for that emotionless robot of a kid, I’d have given a 3 here, too. This movie is full of actors that I’ve come to enjoy after sitting through hundreds of movies for TIWAM.


This movie is built around the visuals: Quick cuts, cutaways, freeze frames, some pretty cool opening credits. Things change so much and so quickly, it’s almost an extension of the main character’s fast-talking ways.

Product Placement

Not as much as you’d expect in a movie like this, actually.


I originally saw this movie about a year after it came out. I hated it, mostly because I really enjoyed the book…and I didn’t watch many movies back then.

Now that I’ve seen it again, I’m recommending it to approximately 1,000 people all at once.


13 comments on “A little Thank You for Smoking review for the missus?

  1. Just watched this again recently, and still loved the hell out of it. Nick Naylor is the man. Good review.

  2. Love the humor in this move.

  3. I haven’t seen this one still, but continue to hear good things about it. Nice review. man.

  4. Love this movie…and to get a conspiracy going. I think the sex scene with Katie Holmes led to Tom Cruise not letting her do The Dark Knight.

  5. I keep meaning to see this one, it’s encouraging to see such a positive review!

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