I wrote this Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines review from Mike Kripke’s basement



The Terminator series is a strange one. The beginning and the end were both set up in the first movie, and each new installment adds to the middle.

In this case, I think the fact that almost 1/4th of this movie is a non-stop car chase scene proves that not a whole lot was added this time around.


I think I somehow preferred the kid version of John Connor.

If I can’t have Sarah Connor in this, then Claire Danes is a great substitute.


What can I say? The CGI was decent, and they still threw a few practical effects in as well.

Product Placement

A Victoria’s Secret billboard was used within the first few minutes of the movie for a “joke”, but since that’s pretty much the only thing there was, I won’t count it.


The best thing this movie has going for it in this department is that it’s part of a series.


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8 comments on “I wrote this Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines review from Mike Kripke’s basement

  1. my favorite part of this movie is where they bring in that psychiatrist dude from the last movie… and also the joke really didn’t make sense… she makes her boobs bigger but it’s not like the guy even seemed to notice them or got a chance because as i recall she instantly kills him… just saying… then again i guess it could be just for the audience’s pleasure… but still… i think it failed…

  2. You got your like button back! Joy!

  3. This movie doesn’t exist. Lalalalala *fingers in ears with my eyes closed*

    I’m not a fan of this movie.

  4. When I was younger I kind of liked the film but not nearly as much as the first two films, nowadays I can’t really watch it without feeling a great deal of disappointment. It has some decent elements but overall the film just pisses me off with some of characters and choices of storyline. This John Connor is soo stupid and not likeable in any way, Claire Dannes was good but it wasn’t one of her better roles, Arnie was getting on a bit in this film and it started to show and the new lady as T-X was different but not nearly as intimidating as the T-1000.

    • I think watching T2, T3, and Salvation all for the first time and on the same day didn’t help my opinion of this one.

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