If someone comes up to you with an attitude, show them this Terminator 2: Judgement Day review



Another sequel that adds to the original, without just remaking the original bigger and louder.


Wow, that kid is awful. Then again, I think 99% of kids in movies are awful.

Although, I guess I can’t expect too much here. They did find this kid by doing a talent search in a mall.


A nice mixture of practical effects and CGI.

Product Placement

Look at all that Pepsi. Since it stayed in the background (meaning “nobody talked about it”), I won’t take off two points.


This is one of those movies that I’m surprised it took me so long to finally see.


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14 comments on “If someone comes up to you with an attitude, show them this Terminator 2: Judgement Day review

  1. Good review yo!

    Ah yes this is one of my favourite films of all time, number 4 actually. I’ve watched this film so many times since I was a kid and it never gets old, I love it. Everything about it is frigging hardcore, the blend between action and sci-fi, the characters especially Arnie, Linda Hamilton and the dude that plays the T-1000. Everyting about this film this awesome and a massive step up from the first film.

    When it comes to the Terminator films there is 2 camps, ones who love teh first film and those who prefer the sequel, I fall into the latter category. This film just has everything I need and then some and I’ve always been a fan of good sequels that progress the story and characters from where they were in the first film.

    Sorry for the mini monologue yo haha. 😛

  2. all time favourite. best action movie ever made! :)

  3. Most kids are awful in films, just awful!

  4. I agree, most of the time when mainstream movies have kids in them, they are annoying. T2 is no exception. It seems like they just do it to make more kids want to watch the movie. T2 was still an awesome flick, despite having to watch this mini-me of Christian Slater follow Arnold around, though. I can’t remember…was this the one where Arnold says “I’ll be back”?

  5. I think Furlong did a good job as an annoying kid here This is the best Cameron movie of all. (and obviously the best Terminator movie 😀 , but i think there are only two good Terminator movies, so best between the two. hahaha!)

  6. Unless I watch them back to back, I usally feel like t2 is just a remake of the original. I still stand by that statement, though I’ll grant it expanded the mythology, but not significantly. I do think a lot of the clichés we think of with Terminator come from this, much like a lot of the common tropes of Austin Powers or Evil Dead come from the later films as well.

    • Yeah the first three all follow the same plot. Two “people” come to the past…one to save someone, one to kill them.

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