Oh, what a Tangled review we weave…

Is this my first Disney animated film review? I think it is. I still haven’t reviewed any traditional animation yet. I should rectify that immediately.


Looks like it’s “spoilery questions time” again!

Why does the magic flower power keep the bad lady young, but not Rapunzel? When’d the bad lady build that tower? Why would the bad lady agree to leave Rapunzel alone for three days immediately after an argument about Rapunzel wanting to leave the tower? How does Rapunzel know how to swim if she’s never left the tower? Why does the bad lady instantly get old when Rapunzel’s hair gets cut? Why do Rapunzel’s tears suddenly become magical? Why? Why? Why?

Seriously, though. It’s a decent story that unfortunately fell victim to sexist marketing schemes.


The whole sarcastic thing with the bad lady (yes, I’m sticking with that name for this whole review) got old pretty quickly. If not for her, I would have given a 3 here.


They did a pretty good job of making it fit in with the style of the rest of the animated Disney movies, despite it being CGI.

Product Placement



Well, given the fact that I’ve already seen this four times (thanks, Former Girlfriend!), I’d be telling a lie if I gave any other score here.

16 comments on “Oh, what a Tangled review we weave…

  1. This is actually my favourite Disney movie, even over some of Pixar’s movies! It’s me feeling ill movie, cause I watch it when I’m sick to cheer me up lol! I’m not gonna lie, I do have the soundtrack! and I slightly think of Chuck whenever Flynn Ryder speaks!

  2. I was really amazed at how much they made the CGI look like traditional Disney style. I remember there was a moment I had after seeing it where it took me a moment to remember whether it had been done in 2D or 3D. And you gotta love the Looney Tunes style horse.

  3. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, but I loved it. It’s really pure Disney magic, without any cheap grabs for laughs with pop culture references and stuff. It’s tons of fun, and feels like a return to their hey-days of cell-animation.

    And that hair… wow, that hair.

  4. Such a guilty pleasure.
    Love this film.

  5. I remember watching this film the first time that it’s a lot like older Disney movies. Good incorporation of music and storytelling.

  6. dude i loved this movie… and how is it sexist… the reason it keeps the old lady young is because she sings the song but it was supposed to just mean to heal and the lady does grow old if she doesn’t keeps sing the song… and that’s why when the spell is broken on hair when it’s cut she automatically grows old… that’s how magic works… and the tears work because in the original Grimm’s tale Rapunzel’s tears help restore the prince’s sight and so they were just adapting that into the story…

    • I was just in a not-meant-question-asking mood when I wrote this review. I actually enjoy this movie very much.

      • I have no idea what that means… but if that’s true… then we finally like the same movie… though who could not like Tangled? it’s hilarious… and sorry i went on like I did, I’m taking a fairy tales class and well this is like the first time I really got to use any of that for anything… I had to run with it…

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