Get your biohazard suit ready, it’s a Sunshine Cleaning review

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I wasn’t quite as involved in the younger sister’s journey of self discovery as the film would have liked me to be, and the grandfather and grandson’s subplots seemed tacked on and unimportant.


I usually don’t like Emily Blunt, but she worked well with Amy Adams here.


Of course, there was a lot of gross blood and whatnot, but that’s not what this section is for.

Product Placement

Little things. Little things.


It took me three years to track down a copy of this.** Turns out, it wasn’t quite the fun, quirky film I’ve been hoping for all this time.

**Instant streaming, schminstant streaming. There’s no thrill of the hunt that way.

15 comments on “Get your biohazard suit ready, it’s a Sunshine Cleaning review

  1. I agree… I was expecting something a little bit more fun and quirky out of the two of them.

  2. I was disappointed by this one, but it was OK.
    I’m kind of glad our competition is coming to a close…It’s been nerve-wracking

  3. Oh yeah… I remember seeing the preview for this when it first came out and thinking it was something I’d really like to see, but I never remembered to look for it on DVD and it fell off my radar. If I ever do stumble on it, I’ll know now to adjust my expectations…

  4. Haven’t seen this one but I know I’ll see it eventually. I love Adams and Blunt. Nice post!

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