Sucker Punch


The people who made Sucker Punch decided to put in some symbolism. Then they decided to add some more. Then some more. Then some more. Then, they realized, “Wait a minute. This movie is too long. Let’s get rid of the plot to make it short enough.”

…at least that’s the way I like to think it went.

I get the movie. I understand what it was going for. I just don’t think it did a good job of getting there. It left me confused, but it was too uninteresting for me to want to try to figure it out.

If you have to get one of your characters to explain everything (well, almost everything) in the final scene, then you’ve done something wrong.


I couldn’t keep up with who was who in this. You had Baby Doll, and Rocket, and Blondie, and Sneezy, and Dopey, and Two Face, and Blitzen, and that weird old guy that they never bothered explaining exactly who he was.

In short, I cared nothing about the characters because I was told nothing about the characters.


Not only did they try to use symbolism to cover up the lack of an actual plot, they used over-the-top, ridiculous amounts of CGI and grunge filters as well. The symbolism kept me from being able to follow the film during the slow parts, and the CGI kept me from following it during the action sequences.

Product Placement

I wish they had some product placement in this. Tons and tons of it, so this could be my first reviewed film to score a 1/3, but, sadly, even in the review stage, this film is finding new ways to disappoint me.


The first person to ask me if I’d like to watch this movie again is going to get sucker punched. I have a rule about these movies that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet. I call it, “Once begun, till it’s done”, meaning that I can’t stop watching a movie until it’s over.

Believe me, I really wanted to break that rule this time.

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