Little did he know, it was a Stranger Than Fiction review


I was this close to calling this post “Get bent, taxman! It’s a Stranger than Fiction review”.


This is one of those movies that works best if you don’t think about it to hard and just enjoy it for what it is.


As far as Will Ferrell goes, I’m only a fan of his non-comedic (read: “non-obnoxious”) roles, like this one. As far as Maggie Gyllenhaal goes, I think this is her film that proves my “every actor has at least role I can enjoy” rule. As far as Emma Thompson goes, she’s the best character in this movie.


I love all the crazy goings on with the visuals in the opener and scattered sporadically throughout. Words, numbers, and lines flying everywhere, interacting with the scenery and, in a way, acting as footnotes for the movie.

Product Placement

Do books have product placement? I should read more and find out for myself. This movie about a book didn’t have any worth mentioning.


I saw this once before and found it interesting but didn’t particularly like it. I fell in love with it this time.


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35 comments on “Little did he know, it was a Stranger Than Fiction review

  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! my favorite things combined… writing, books, movies, and cookies… and I liked seeing Will Ferrell actually acting you know… but it’s nice seeing they can make a rather original movie… not the same old story line… oh man… I need to go watch it again… 😀 and yes there can be a ton of product placement in books… i read a book once where she told what brand of clothing every character was wearing… it got old really fast… gave it a super low rating… though that was more just because the story sucked as a whole…

  2. I love this film. I think it’s very underrated. Everything just works perfectly for me in this one and the story is really unique.

  3. It’s gimmick-y, but it works and shows that Ferrell can actually act.

  4. Great post! This is one of my favorite movies :)

  5. Have to agree. The ONLY Will Ferrel performance I can stomach. Great film.

  6. You’re right: Emma’s Karen Eiffel is the best character in the film: “I don’t need the nicotene patch, Penny. I smoke cigarettes.” Fantastic.

    I love this movie, too. It’s a rarity: a unique script. And perfectly cast. Dustin Hoffman is superb.

  7. I have to agree – I enjoy Will Farrell so much more in his non-comedic movies like this. And Emma Thompson was fantastic (but, she pretty much always is). It is such a wonderfully different film.

  8. Loved this movie! Went into the cinema not expecting that it would make me cry at the end.

  9. Thanks for reminding me about this one! I remember liking it too but maybe not as much as you did…going to get the DVD and pop it in now!

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