Don’t rat out this Snitch review



It was incredibly selfish of the main character to put so many other people (including the rest of his family) at risk just to save his stupid son, if you ask me.

You are asking me, right?


Finally, Dwayne Johnson gets to leave his usual role of “sequel saver” and take on a lead role for a change.


Watching this on Blu-ray brought all the shaking to life in vivid high-definition! Seriously, I almost got motion sickness a few times from it.

Product Placement

This film opted to use a made up delivery service (SendIt Quick), but they made sure several times that we all saw the main character drove a Dodge Ram.


I was not that impressed, but I wasn’t that repulsed either, so I scored down the middle here.


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9 comments on “Don’t rat out this Snitch review

  1. I was actually pretty impressed by this one myself…let me rephrase that. I was more impressed by The Rock than I was by the story itself. He really did a good job in this drama role.

    nice thoughts on this one. Glad you brought up the Dodge Ram usage! haha

  2. Nice, Justin. I know what you mean by those visuals. Especially when they were chasing the kid!! Nice performance by Johnson, here.

    Such a forgettable movie, if you ask me :(

    • Apparently they do it to add to the “excitement”, but it just doesn’t work for me.

      This is definitely one I’ll forget.

      • Yeah, it doesn’t work me either. I mean on some occasions I can understand it, but I usually can’t appreciate it because I like cinematography that is in focus hahah!

        • “If at first your movies shake, tripod again”

          • LOL.

            Random question: Are you planning on seeing This is the End? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the product placement in it, and see what’d it would score on your scale… There’s SO much product placement (even in the trailer alone), but it’s set in the real-life celeb world, so I’m not sure if that’d be an exception on your grading lol.

          • That is one I won’t be seeing. It doesn’t sound funny at all.

          • I thought it was hilarious hahah.

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