Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


Somehow, I liked this film for the exact same reasons I hated Sucker Punch. They took a commonly-occurring thing that happens in real life, exaggerated it for comedic effect, and ended up with a story set in a world that is both completely believable and completely fantastic at the same time.

The only thing that might alienate some viewers is the heavy reliance on pop culture references, especially when it comes to video games (even though video games do not play a major role in the film itself).


There are a lot of characters in this film. Most of them get fleshed out enough (with the exception of the Katayanagi twins), and everyone seems to get just enough screen time (again, with the exception of the Katayanagi twins).

I did have a problem at first with the stilted way everyone talks, but it quickly grew on me, because it fits the style and pace of the film.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is based on a graphic novel series by the same name, and when you watch this movie, it’s as though you’re watching a live action graphic novel. There are special effects everywhere, and weird scene layouts throughout, but they all help to enhance the story, and contribute to the overall feel of the film.

Product Placement

Can I interest anyone in a Coke Zero? This movie sure tried to. It’s such a weird drink choice. I know he had to drink something, and, having never read the graphic novels, I have no idea whether they are mentioned in there as well, but come on. Scott Pilgrim is almost as bad as the little girl from Gamera vs. Zigra when it comes to talking about Coke.

Other than that, there’s a lot of pop culture references in this like I mentioned before, so it kind of made it hard to tell which were product placements and which were just references. Either way, the Coke Zero alone is enough to validate the 1 I’m giving.


I’ve already seen this twice, and, while it might be a little too fast-paced and energetic to watch frequently, it’s going to take quite a few well-spaced viewings of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World before it gets old.

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  1. Excellent movie. Watch it with my 12yr old nephew and 21yr old brother. I am 43 lol.

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