Read this RoboCop 2 review, or no more Nuke for you

RoboCop 2 review

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I could tell there was an underlying story going on, but the movie just seemed to casually stroll from one partially-related thing to the next most of the time.

The “nothing much was resolved” style ending forced me to take another point off.


So…one of the main bad guys is a kid, who is inexplicably treated like an adult by all the real adults he hangs around with. Who thought that was a good idea?


The special effects were obviously better this time around. Not sure why I counted off for them last time, anyway.

Product Placement

Nothing worth talking about, really. Just some incidental stuff in the background, thanks to using real locations.


Sometimes, I watch movies and their sequels too close together. In this case, I watched them too far apart.

Either way, I guess RoboCop movies just aren’t for me…but I can see where other people would like them.

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14 comments on “Read this RoboCop 2 review, or no more Nuke for you

  1. I know I was going to be like did you review RoboCop 1? Not really my thing either… but come on… kids are evil… it totally made sense to have one running a gang… wait is this the one that has the little league team robbing people too… because that was just awesome… but it is sad because you know he’s still in that robo shell and yet can’t really be human and not fully robot either… such a tragedy…

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