Let this Red Dawn review turn to something else



Wow, this movie doesn’t mess around. The attacks happened by the time the opening credits were barely over.

I loved that it had a definite ending to it, unlike the new one did.


Aside from Patrick Swayze and the two females, I couldn’t tell the rest of the Wolverines apart most of the time.


Benefit of the doubt is always given in this section to movies that are the same age as me.

Product Placement

There were enough things mixed in with the group’s rations that some of it had to be on purpose.


Again, having seen the remake before seeing this one is probably making this one more appealing to me than it would have been otherwise.


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2 comments on “Let this Red Dawn review turn to something else

  1. Just a suggestion… if you could add a one liner for the plot that might help me in deciding if that is something that would interest me…

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I purposely chose to leave out plot details from my reviews because they can easily be found elsewhere.

      It was a tough decision to make, but it helps me keep the posts as short as possible.

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