Make the run to emotional safety with a RED 2 review



The first two acts of the film are confusing, kind of hard to follow, and a bit aimless, but the third act does its best to redeem it.


It’s been a long time since I reviewed RED,** so I kind of forgot the dynamics between the characters. This film almost expects you to already be extremely familiar with them though, in a “We hope you watched the first one immediately before coming to the theater to see this one” sort of way.

**Always read old reviews at your own risk.


I love the look of the opening credits, the transitions whenever the story switches to a new country, and the closing credits.

Product Placement

Costco shows up so early that it’s actually the very first thing shown in the movie after the opening credits. That scene and the Papa John’s scene later in the film felt incredibly shoehorned in, and there was plenty of other stuff spread throughout as well.


I loved the original, but this one didn’t quite do it for me.


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17 comments on “Make the run to emotional safety with a RED 2 review

  1. Yeah, this movie blew. I didn’t mind the first, but this one made it seem like a freakin’ work of art. Nice review.

  2. I don’t care… I have to see it for myself… though I’ve been promised if this one sucks then we can go see R.I.P.D. so it’s really going to be a win win for me… 😀

    • Haha lets just say I hope you enjoy watching Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker argue over him being too protective, because you’ll get 2 hours of that and not much else.

      • well I guess lucky for me I really am just too lazy to live… because I fell asleep and missed the movie time… haha… I think I’m going to put off going to the movies for a while…

  3. I’ll wait for Ntflix or DVD and watch them both together I think. I’ve been meaning to get to Red anyhow.

  4. this was a good movie… I think you went in with too high of expectations and didn’t let yourself enjoy the wonder of its gooberishness…

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