This Promised Land review runs on rainbows and happy thoughts



Hey, look. They turned that duck episode of Saved by the Bell into a full-length movie and gave it an aggravating twist.


Will I ever be able to separate John Krasinski from his The Office character? Probably not.

I didn’t have anything to complain about here, though.


The exact kind of visuals you’d expect from a movie like this.

Product Placement

A few minor things, most of which were in a convenience-type store, and we rarely count those around here.


Bleh. Yet another film that could have easily avoided an R rating if they cleaned up the language.


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17 comments on “This Promised Land review runs on rainbows and happy thoughts

  1. you know that no one knows what you’re talking about in the saved by the bell reference… i mean, that show is old…

  2. Yeah this film was rather unimpressive.

    • I had a hard time knowing whether or not I should be upset or happy that the main character was having difficulties, which left me unimpressed as well…despite the relatively high score it got.

  3. It doesn’t seem interesting. I also agree it’s hard to separate John Krasinski from the Office. Good review.

  4. Van Sant is a great director, but this was paint-by-numbers. And beyond that, the film undermines its own ideology. It is anti-fracking. It tells us that fracking is dangerous. It tells us that the natural gas people are underhanded when they come into a small town and do not disclose the dangers while hyping up the payoffs. But (SPOILER!) on a narrative level, this is exactly what Promised Land does: it is deceitful with us. It tells us to believe one thing and then asks us to believe another. Rather than trying to deal with natural gas in an honest way, it only seeks to tell us that natural gas – from its production methods down to its corporate culture – is full of evil. It stacks the deck so far against natural gas that the film is literally nothing but a piece of propaganda.

    I’m all for discussing the pros/cons of natural gas, but the discussion can’t be had like this. if you want to make a didactic film, then you need to be fair. Casting Matt Damon (apparently this project was Damon’s baby) and Rosemarie DeWitt to tell you that fracking is bad is the equivalent of playing dirty. To be realistic, this issue should probably not be couched in narrative fiction. Though a documentary might play to fewer people, it would likely have a sense of detachment needed to sort through the material.

    Acting was good. Beautifully shot. Captures small farming communities well. Beyond that, Promised Land is trash. Even if you think natural gas is the devil’s handiwork.

  5. This one left me with a very bland taste. For the next Van Sant and Damon reunion, Ben Affleck better be present, LOL.

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