A volcanic review of Pretty in Pink


It’s incredibly difficult to watch guys (even fictional ones) who subject themselves being “friendzoned”, as they say. It may not be your fault that you get friendzoned, but it is your fault if you stay there.

In other news, TIWAM is now TIGRA (Today I Gave Relationship Advice)!


I took a point off because Duckie is annoying. Take your nostalgia goggles off and you’ll see it, too.

For what it’s worth, Andie’s dad was the best character.


Standard 80′s visuals in a standard 80′s movie.

Product Placement

There were some Lay’s potato chips at one point.


Despite loving quite a few movies in the same category as this one, best I can do here is a 2.

6 comments on “A volcanic review of Pretty in Pink

  1. This is one of those movies from my teenage years that fell through the cracks. I got it from Netflix a few months back but couldn’t stomach it. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more had I been a teenager and not almost 40.

  2. I love this movie in all its cheesy 80s glory. I also love my brother’s version of it, which is called “Stephani Simon Says… Pretty!” He made a 9-minute (or so) reboot using 12-inch dolls (including an Edward Cullen doll as Blaine). You might just want to check it out on Youtube…

  3. I wasn’t much of a fan when I saw it in the 80′s and Im not much of a fan now. I think Molly Ringwald’s character is very shallow, and Jon Cryer’s character puts out the whole creepy, stalker sort of vibe

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