Go for the sweet spot with a Pitch Black review

Pitch Black review

Vin Diesel Week presses on with a movie I probably would have liked better if I had watched the rest of the series first.

Also, this is a review of the Unrated version.


This was nothing more than an “almost everyone gets killed off one by one” movie. It wasn’t bad, but I was hoping there’d be more to it.


Riddick himself has potential**, and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to dislike a Rhada Mitchell character, but there wasn’t much to the rest of the cast.

**I have a feeling I’ll like him more in the sequels.


The flashing lights in the beginning, the constantly changing color scheme, the weird skewed shots…The visuals felt kind of amateurish, actually.

Product Placement

Yeah, none of that going on here.


By the time you read this, I will have seen both The Chronicles of Riddick and Dark Fury, so my original scoring of 1 in this section has been bumped up to a 2, because I like them all as a whole.

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10 comments on “Go for the sweet spot with a Pitch Black review

  1. It was a silly movie, but also a bunch of fun. The new movie looks like crap, but enjoyable crap nonetheless. Nice review.

  2. I prefer the Chronicles of Riddick… this was just too scary… I mean monsters killing everyone is just no fun to watch…

  3. I actually like this better. I though they went a little silly in the second and the less fantastic atmosphere on this one really worked for me. Yes, the character has great potential though, I don’t think they ever quite reached it.

  4. When it came out in 2000, it was quite an original. Lots of memorable scenes. I love the one scene where Sharon got chew away lifting airborne with those smaller creatures came out of the hives …. (applying today’s standard and video game’s may be a bit lame).In other words, I love this and the second one as well, who knew Vaako (K. Urban) would become Dredd in 2012!

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