Cut down on the cost of living with an On the Road review



What a load of boring, pretentious dreck. I heard the book described as “unfilmable” somewhere, and I think if I read the book, I’d agree.


The one thing this film had going for it was incredibly believable characters. Plus, I’m on the Kristen Stewart Defense Council, so I have to score high here.


I normally take off for shaky cams, so I guess I should here, as well.

Product Placement

Unless Benzedrine inhalers count, there’s nothing worth noting.


It’s always a bad sign when I yell, “How much longer is this dang movie?” to myself and pause it too see how much more I’ll have to endure.

Unfortunately for me, the moment came exactly halfway through the movie.


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15 comments on “Cut down on the cost of living with an On the Road review

  1. I never read the novel, but something tells me they missed the mark of what it was trying to say with this movie. Still though, it was quite purrty to look at. Good review.

  2. If I ever do decide to watch this movie, I’ll read Jack Kerouac’s novel beforehand. Still, it’s dubious that after that, I’d actually proceed to the movie. Doesn’t look appealing. And yes, I’ll jump to defend Kristen Stewart for anything where she gives an effort, too. Have you seen Speak?

    • Haha you struck me as one of those “Kristen Stewart is awful. Just look at Twilight!” types.

      • Twilight is indeed an exception, but when she tries, it’s pretty obvious.

        Of course it’s clear why she wouldn’t give any effort for Twilight, but it’s sad that it’s her most mainstream movie [saga], and by far. My sister and I love quoting one of the worst-acted scenes Hollywood has produced:

        “Your hands. They are so cold. … Oh my god. What is going on.”

        Pure. Monotone.

        I’m actually dying to see her in Panic Room, now that I have a copy of it.

        • Panic Room is great. You should watch the Rifftrax versions of the Twilight series. Look up “best of Twilight Rifftrax” on YouTube.

  3. Kristen Stewart Defense Council? LOL!

  4. […] and when she wasn’t, she was emoting.  Good job K. Stew! Still, I’m not going to join Justin in the Kristen Stewart Defense Council anytime soon but she did good in this. Plus, just look at the picture on the top, the special […]

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