I borrowed this Nebraska review from Ed Pegram

Nebraska review


What started out seeming like a small character study turned out to be deeper and funnier than I ever expected.


The crazy old man, the crazy old woman, the crazy cousins, the rest of the crazy family, the crazy townspeople, the long-suffering son…I don’t know who I’d pick as my favorite. They were all great, and all believable.


I wish more modern movies were filmed in black and white. I love it.

Product Placement

A few things scattered throughout. None were there for selling purposes, so it’s all good.


I want to watch this again right now…but maybe this time without the loud couple who kept yelling, “We’ll be home soon. We’re at the movies” into their phone.

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7 comments on “I borrowed this Nebraska review from Ed Pegram

  1. Oh!!! How I loved this movie!!! I’m glad you seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I wished more films were like this, but I guess you can’t go wrong with Alexander Payne, he’s a modern American master filmmaker :) I now listen to the soundtrack all the time, sure helps endure the crazy traffic due to all the snowstorms and freezing rain of late 😉

  2. As I work out my top 10 for the year, Nebraska continues to haunt my dreams, in a good way. I was going to skip it because the trailer was so boring. Thanks for agreeing with me; it’s wonderful.

  3. While I was watching this when they mentioned Bud and Coors Light I actually thought about your blog for a second wondering if you’d take a point off. I think it was so realistic (and sad that they only have 2 shit beers at all their bars) that I thought it was only right they mention them by name. It wasn’t like in Runner Runner where they showcased Budweiser bottles as if they were sexy topless women.

  4. […] dit, je ne peux me prononcer sur l’état du “Nebraska” (quoique le blogueur TodayIWatchedaMovie peut, en la faveur de Payne!) je suis prête à défendre Payne corps et âme lorsque […]

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