Watch out for snakes, it’s a Mud review


That’s right. I never pass up an opportunity to make an MST3k reference.


All the excitement of a thriller wrapped up in an surprisingly easygoing package. It’s almost like the boy version of Winter’s Bone.


I usually hate kids in movies, but these two were great.** Also, you could tell this whole movie was pretty much written for Matthew McConaughey.

**If they’re younger than I was when they were born, I count them as kids.


The locations they shot this in helped make it feel more real.

Product Placement

Piggly Wiggly gets a free pass because they probably just used whatever grocery store was in the area where they filmed the movie, and the stuff inside the Piggly Wiggly falls under the “I don’t normally count things in grocery stores and convenience stores” rule.


I avoided this in the theater because I thought it was a horror movie. No, I don’t know why, so don’t even ask.

Anyway, I loved it so much that I bumped the review that was supposed to go up today back just so I could go ahead and get this one posted.

That happens a lot, actually…in case anyone was wondering why there are sometimes clusters of high scoring movies on here.


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8 comments on “Watch out for snakes, it’s a Mud review

  1. The cast is what makes this movie great, even though the script isn’t chopped liver neither. Good review.

    • Yeah everyone seemed to be just playing themselves, which made it like you were stepping into their lives for a moment.

  2. Wow! you must really think it’s good. I’ve rarely seen you give anything 3 out of 3.
    I’ven’t seen this movie yet, but I doubt it’s a children’s film just because the two protagonists happen to be kids.
    Anyway good review, am more keen on watching this now.

  3. Nice review. I thought this movie was awesome. I hope it gets some Oscar Noms.

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