This is the one where I review Men in Black III, unless…


Oh good. It is this one.


The convoluted “reveal” at the end aside, this is a pretty decent story, despite it being one of the most basic time travel stories there is.


Josh Brolin was so good at being Tommy Lee Jones that when Tommy Lee Jones returned, I caught myself thinking, “Who is this guy?”

Plus, Jemaine Clement’s involvement, especially as a bad guy, automatically earns a 3 for Characters for any movie.


It’s easy to go overboard with special effects in this kind of film, but they showed some moderation here.

Product Placement

They drove through a street with a bit of product placement, but I’m so happy about the decision to remove the stores from MIB headquarters that I’m overlooking it.


I’m surprised that the third installment in this series has the highest score out of all of them, especially after the awful mess that was MIB 2.

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  1. Wellllll I wouldn’t say 3/3, but I did like it a lot. I however, liked the first two better. *huge Will Smith fan*

  2. The end was pretty good , but overall 3 should not be the score !

  3. Had no idea Jemaine was in this! I’ll have to watch it now!

  4. I never really looked at the credits for this one and assumed that it was Tim Curry, which is good compliment towards Jermaine Clement whose work I haven’t seen before. It was a pretty great movie and Josh Brolin did a fantastic job. Surprised to see it get 3/3 but based on your categories I see no place to argue with you about it.

    • Yeah sometimes movies get 3s because I loved them…sometimes they get 3s because there’s not much to complain about.

      Jemaine is also the voice of the bad guy’s pet bird in Rio…he’s good at doing evil characters apparently!

  5. I was honestly going to give this one a miss. But based on this review I’ll give it a watch.

  6. This movie was messier for me than the previous, and it took too long to make, it made the story flaky and characters week… a very high score IMO.

  7. I really liked this film. I’d rate it at a 8.5/10 just because it was so fun.

  8. I like this movie. I thought it was a good way to end the movie series. We got to learn more about K’s history and how he became the way he is.

  9. Wow, surprised about the high score, î thought it was pretty entertaining, but haven’t rated it that high.

  10. I do agree that it’s such a basic time travel story, but it’s really entertaining. It isn’t any Looper, though. I gave it an 80/100. Could you check out my review when you get the chance? :D

  11. You liked this one more than I did. I wrote a positive review but felt it was hurt by the ending. Nice review.

  12. This movie wasn’t very memorable for me, and I don’t understand the distaste for MIB 2.

  13. i’m surprised you liked this film that much, the film got mixed reviews back when it was released. For me i liked MIB3 a fair bit, I saw it twice in the cinema, probably coz I’m a big Will Smith fan and it was great to see him in a film in the cinema after 4 years! Josh Brolin was insanely good as Agent K to the point where where he really did look like a young Tommy Lee Jones.

  14. I hated this movie with a burning passion. A lot of the time travel stuff didn’t even make sense, starting with how the hippie who gave Boris the ability to go back in time in the first place somehow remembered doing it, when in this alternate reality, he never did that at all. (Make sense?) Those kinds of continuity errors piss me off.

  15. This is my favorite of the three films and Brolin was very good.

  16. I didn’t like this at all. It was a little difficult to watch Will Smith try to be the ‘Fresh Prince’ again with his crude and vulgar demeanour form this younger days, considered he’s more of powerhouse, serious actor these days.

    That really kept me from enjoying the movie. Josh Brolin though…. so Awesome!!

  17. [...] decline of the series, a pure cash grab of limited to no quality. That said, when fellow movie blog Today I Watched a Movie gave the film a top score, I decided that maybe I was wrong. I’m now glad that I decided to check it [...]

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