Complete your mission with a Martian Child review




This movie is basically K-PAX for kids, even down to the sunglasses and talking to dogs.


A film with John and Joan Cusack, and a main character who is a child, and I still gave it a 3? Yes. Because of Amanda Peet they were that good.

Seriously. If it wasn’t for the prisoner kid from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, I’d say the boy in this movie was my favorite child actor.


I really gotta study up on movie visuals so I can have something relevant to type in this section of my reviews, you guys.

Product Placement

Was there a single scene in this film that didn’t mention Lucky Charms? There was also a few other things throughout, so I have to give a 1 here for consistency’s sake.


I didn’t expect much from this, so I was going to watch half of this last night and go to bed, but I ended up enjoying it so much I watched the whole thing at once.

17 comments on “Complete your mission with a Martian Child review

  1. just watched the trailer… totally want to see this now…

  2. I really loved this when it came out. I think it has a powerful message and is very underrated. Nice review.

  3. I’ve been wondering, do you watch the bulk of your movies on Netflix? How do you decide what to watch/review? This one seems so obscure.

  4. I remember being glued to this film when I saw it. It was a really good film. A sleeper in the sense that I can’t even remember it being marketed when it came out in the theaters. I like John Cusack very much. As a random parenthetical he can be a bit of a douche on twitter.

  5. I have this on DVD too, and I’ve seen it before. But quite honestly, I don’t remember much about it all. He was a sci-fi writer or something, right? That’s about all I remember.

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