Have a Man on Fire review, you big sad bear


Apparently, this isn’t a movie about Katniss‘ dad after all.


Character development is great and all, but not when you devote the entire first half of your two-and-a-half-hour long movie to it instead of a story.


My only complaint about the characters in this movie is that the main character’s last name made it sound like everyone was calling him “crazy”…but I can’t take a point off for that.


Still not a fan of harsh orange and green filters and jittery quick cuts. I loved the way they did the subtitles, though.

Product Placement

There’s just too much Coke in this movie for it to be completely coincidental.


While it was good (once it got going), it was a little too slow for me.


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4 comments on “Have a Man on Fire review, you big sad bear

  1. Kinda liked this movie… Especially the part he told the dude, “Forgiveness is between you and God, my job is to arrange the meeting.” :)

  2. I love this movie! I think using the first half of the movie to set-up the characters and their relationships makes the second half much more involving. Rather than having him become her bodyguard and then just decide to dedicate his time to tracking her down, this makes much more sense.

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