Vivian, grab me the Legally Blonde review



I was as into this film as any guy can be…until that “bend and snap” scene came out of nowhere. It totally broke the flow of the movie.


I’m taking off a point, not because the characters were bad, but because several of them were underused.


Way more pink than I’m used to, but I can’t take off for that.

Product Placement

Enough stuff scattered throughout to warrant deducting a point.


Like Mean Girls and 13 Going on 30, this is an enjoyable enough movie despite all outward appearances.

10 comments on “Vivian, grab me the Legally Blonde review

  1. I’m trying to remember why I watched this for the first time, probably with my girlfriend at the time, but I really enjoyed it. I agree that the bend and snap scene was a little offputting, but aside from that it’s an enjoyable movie.

  2. I liked the part where she helped her friend get her dog back. It showed just how a little encouragement can bring one empowerment and courage. Your score is fair enough.

  3. yeah the bend and snap got out of control… although it was hilarious the chick ended up breaking that guys nose… but as in most cases with these movies… the 2nd one was… not so good…

  4. Another movie, like Miss Congeniality that didn’t need a sequel, and more importantly, is kind of ruined by the sequel…..throw The Princess Diaries in that category too.

    At least they didn’t make a broadway musical out of this movie….oh….wait……

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