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I’m pretty sure some of these subplots could have been streamlined or eliminated. I’m looking at you, 30+ minute uninterrupted fight scene between King Kong and the dinosaurs.


With great numbers of actors comes great responsibility to give them all something to do, hence the problems in the Plot section.


I love that they chose to have this set in the 1930s like the original.

Why, yes, that is all I’m choosing to write about in this section. Thanks for asking!

Product Placement

Kind of a strange score here. There was both an insert in the DVD case about the Volkswagen Touareg being the “official vehicle of King Kong”, as well as a commercial for it in the main DVD menu.


It was length killed the rewatchability of King Kong…and I didn’t even watch the Directors Cut or Extended Edition or anything. This was one of the first movies I saw by myself in the theater, though, so I knew what I was getting into this time.


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12 comments on “We’ll donate the proceeds of this King Kong review to your wife and kids

  1. Pretty accurate review here. I like King Kong, but over the years its become harder and harder to watch. Its length is just too damn long and there’s so many scenes or irrelevant stuff or boring love story crap that makes the film nearly impossible to watch (I’M LOOKING AT YOU FROZEN POND SLIDING SCENE!) I love the first half of the film in the jungle, after it gets to the city it gets a little harder to tolerate. Best points of the film is Jack Black, Andy Serkis’ motion capture and Kong breaking the T-Rex’s jaw (badass). Everything else I can either take it or leave it.

  2. I remember enjoying this movie, especially the King Kong/Dino fight. But I haven’t felt the need to revisit it since seeing it… probably on home video. I don’t think I caught this one in theaters. I do remember liking Jack Black in it too.

    • Yeah the dino fight was fun, and lifted directly from the original (right?) but it just lasted too long.

  3. Peter Jackson is kind of like Sofia Coppola for me- everything he makes is beautiful enough to bring me past whatever is happening in the plot, but the bugs utterly killed this one for me. I even liked his storytelling and I felt the movie was put together well enough, but the bug scene made it completely unwatchable.

  4. I couldn’t take it all in one sitting myself! The special effects/visuals were excellent but I still didn’t enjoy the movie and the 3+ hour length was torture…I have a little more to say in my own review on Tuesday but I probably agree with everything you have here.

  5. I thought the fight scene with the dinosaurs was the best part of the movie. The rest left much to be desired.

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