And now, a fine Kettle of Fish review



Definitely a “been there, done that” feeling going on with this one. Shame on the main character for keeping his fish in a bowl, though.


Ah, Matthew Modine. The poor man’s Aaron Eckhart.

In this case, the desk manager at the…hotel…penthouse…whatever it was…stole the show.


I have to admit, this film seemed incredibly clear, and the colors were vibrant without being too much.

Product Placement

One Coke can that the main character mysteriously pulled out of his pocket. Lots of fake dairy products, though.


“It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be” is the best thing I can write here.

12 comments on “And now, a fine Kettle of Fish review

  1. Seems a high score for something you didn’t like all that much. Maybe I’m not clear on the scoring system?

    • It looked good, the characters weren’t bad, and the plot, while nothing original, wasn’t terribly handled.

      In an effort to keep my reviews short, I sometimes point out negative things only, even if they aren’t bad enough to affect the score.

      Usually you can get a more accurate idea of what I really thought of a film by averaging together the Plot and Rewatchability scores.

  2. Can you still put fishes in a fish bowl these days? Won’t the water kill them?

  3. Where do you find these obscure movies?

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