There’s a Johnny Mnemonic review in my head



This is the first time I’ve seen a film whose plot was this hindered by the low quality of the acting. It would have been an entertaining sci-fi tale otherwise.


I usually find Keanu enjoyable (or at least tolerable), but he and everyone else in this film did awful, awful jobs that ruined the film, as I mentioned above.


The CGI is a little excessive at times, but it was 1995, so they were just showing off.

Product Placement

AT&T is everywhere in this.


This one was a real disappointment. A lot of wasted potential.

14 comments on “There’s a Johnny Mnemonic review in my head

  1. Lol Loved the plot review.

  2. You seem less than enthused about this flick. I could be wrong though…

  3. This movie really sucked. I’ve never regretted spending 2-3 hours of my life so much.

  4. [...] not great, Keanu’s performance here is enough to forgive him for being involved with Johnny Mnemonic, at [...]

  5. 1.8 is very high for this movie. It is truly one of the worst “films” I have ever seen in my life (and I don’t say that often).

  6. […] concept was decent, even if it was basically a gritty re-imagining of Johnny Mnemonic. By the end of the film though, I was so sick of getting beaten over the head with all the […]

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