This Jersey Girl review will light your world on fire

Jersey Girl review

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I like romantic comedies as much as the next guy does. No, wait. I probably like them more than the next guy does. Anyway, if the love interest immediately throws herself at the main character as soon as she shows up in the movie, it takes all the fun out of it.

On a much lesser note, this story also suffers from the classic “the main student character’s assignment is extremely elaborate compared to the assignments of the other students” thing, as seen in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


Oh wow. I’m glad Jennifer Lopez wasn’t in this very long, or I would have had to change the rules just so I could give a 0 here. In the end, it was the brevity of her role that saved this section from being a 1.


A romantic comedy movie really has to go to extremes to have points taken off in the visuals department. Some of you guys don’t always understand my sentence structures, so I’ll clarify that this movie is not one that went to extremes in the visuals department…hence the 3.

Product Placement

Yeah, I have to take a point off for all the Hard Rock Cafe.


I have to admit I was expecting to enjoy this a lot more than I did, mostly because I’ve heard that so many other people didn’t like it much.

Sometimes I do agree with the general public, apparently.


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  1. I’ve always loved this movie. I actually think it’s Kevin Smith’s best work and some of Affleck’s. It gets a bad rap for the events surrounding it. Also, whenever anyone brings up a Broadway show they don’t want to see, but someone else they know does. my mother says, “Take the girl to see the Cats!” And then we all laugh.

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