A Hyde Park on Hudson review that’s fit for a king



This movie works well for the most part if you think of it as an unofficial sequel to The King’s Speech.

It was a relatively happy, friendly movie up until the last half hour, then it took a strange, somewhat drastic, turn in tone.


I kept getting Eleanor Roosevelt and…that other lady who wasn’t the main character or the Queen…confused.


Things got incredibly dark and hard to see for a while right around the same time the plot changed (as mentioned above).

Product Placement

This isn’t exactly a product placement issue, but I have nowhere else to put it…

What was up with those weird hot dog buns? It’s like they smashed the hot dogs into the side of the bun without opening it.


I went into this movie prepared to be a little bored. I spent the majority of the movie being pleasantly surprised. I ended the movie a bit disappointed and unimpressed.


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7 comments on “A Hyde Park on Hudson review that’s fit for a king

  1. I love Bill Murray, but the trailer for this kind of left me unimpressed. I’d rather catch up on Get Low first, just because the title reminds me of Lil’ Jon.

    • I saw Get Low right before I began TIWAM. It’s one of the movies that led to me making this site. I have no idea why I haven’t gone back and watched it again to review it.

  2. I couldn’t get through the first 15 mins. They were cousins after all!!!

  3. Good review yo, I watched this film back in February and I thought it was alright, as you said the story was prettu good until that dramatic change of events. After the whole relationship, lies and other strange stuff came to light i felt incredibly uncomfortable and by the end of the film I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

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