Take a coffee break and read this Hudson Hawk review



This movie was so zany and over-the-top that it felt like a live-action cartoon. Too bad the plot occasionally took a back seat as a result.


Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Andie MacDowell were great, but the majority of the supporting cast was so awful that I took two points off for it.


Continuing the cartoon thing from above, this movie sort of felt like a cartoon visually, as well.

Product Placement

Of course I have to take off a point if a whole group of people were using candy bars as code names.


I was expecting something different with this one. I guess it was okay, though.

4 comments on “Take a coffee break and read this Hudson Hawk review

  1. Will we ever agree on movies? this is one of my favorite movies ever… and it’s because it is over the top… it is just too goofy to be taken seriously… it makes me just laugh and none of it makes sense because it honestly doesn’t have too… and come on… who doesn’t enjoy hearing Bruce Willis sing? oh man… i’m gonna go pop it on right now…

  2. Totally agree with rgdole…Loved this movie, a lot of people are afraid to like this movie too, because it is so weird and deliberately dumb at times. I went to the movies to see this when it first came out. I especially love Brucey singing, I can just hear him now. Thanks for the review and the reminder of this very underrated movie. xxx

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