For tonight’s exercise, I want you to read this review of Hope Springs



The premise was decent, but it drug on a little too long, to the point of being boring at times.


The main characters worked well together, but I always like Steve Carell when he plays calm, quiet characters best…like he does here.


Standard stuff. Nothing to deduct for.

Product Placement

Main character went to Barnes & Noble, but she had to go somewhere. I mostly took a point off for how many times they felt the need to do establishing shots for the motel, just so they could show the EconoLodge sign over and over.


I can’t imagine a scenerio where I would see this again on purpose, but I usually reserve the 1s here for incredibly awful movies.

12 comments on “For tonight’s exercise, I want you to read this review of Hope Springs

  1. This was my least favorite Steve Carell movie of all time. Only because anyone could have played him, and there was nothing special about his performance, it was all on Jones and Streep

  2. Good review. Though it tried too hard to go for the rom-com conventions, it’s still succeeds as a study of where relationships can go, and how dull they can sometimes get. Streep and Jones are perfectly cast and keep this film moving like it deserves to.

  3. I pretty much won’t watch this movie because of the scene in the trailer where Meryl Stereo is considering fellating a banana. I can think of nothing I would least rather see.

  4. I think you could highlight a little more the credibility of the main characters…you can see them very genuine! ;)

  5. Meryl Streep tries to blow Tommy Lee Jones in this movie? Sold!

  6. I wasn’t bored at all by the movie! And I thought Steve C. was miscast. I don’t know, I think he looks like a gecko and he’s done so much comedy that it’s very difficult for me to buy him as a dramatic actor. IF he does want to go in that direction, maybe he has to play someone outrageous, like a serial killer or something. Maybe THEN I’ll believe it.

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