Is this Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters review hot enough for you?



This is what Red Riding Hood could have been like if it hadn’t taken itself so seriously, and what Jack the Giant Slayer could have been if it wasn’t so terrible.


Okay, I admit I only watched this because Gemma Arterton was cute on the poster. I was expecting a few of the minor characters to be awful, but in the end, I had no complaints.


Very Your Highness-esque opening credits…but, you know, better.

The troll wasn’t CGI. That means an automatic 3 here, regardless of how gross it was seeing heads splattered and guts flying.

Product Placement

Nothing of the sort.


I don’t plan on ever watching this again, but I wasn’t planning on giving it such a high score either, so you never know.


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15 comments on “Is this Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters review hot enough for you?

  1. I actually liked this film as well 😀

  2. if it got such a high score… why would you never watch it again?

  3. WOW you surprised me again! I guess I have to see this one too.

  4. Good review. It’s a fun flick, but terribly stupid. Then again, maybe that was the point of it all.

  5. Had a few things that bothered me (the sugar sickness bit especially), but for the most part was a surprisingly fun watch.

    • Yeah the diabetes angle was strange. Apparently Gretel was originally going to have an eating disorder too.

  6. Your entire review pretty much summed up my exact thoughts. I love it man. and Gemma is always a good enough reason to see a movie. She’s one of the only reasons I am watching Byzantium.

    in response to the diabetes thing, I actually liked that they brought some sort of “plausible reality” to the fairytale. It worked for me

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